A Pirate's Life is a level 7 adventure located in the Sword Mountains area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

A Luskanite pirate named Kajin has located a hidden treasure vault in Helm's Hold and plans to strip it bare. The tattered designs you took from the bandit camp indicate a spot along the city wall where Kajin plans to break directly into the vault. Use this information to stop the robbery before Kajin can return to Luskan!


Room LayoutEdit

A pirates life

A Pirate's Life Map

Room 1Edit

Room 2Edit

Room 2a (Locked Room: An Odd Little Book)Edit

  • 2 Traps
  • Chest: Basic Loot

Room 3Edit

  • Enemies: 1x Ranger , 1x Fighter , 1x Cleric , Kajin
  • Choose: either loot Kajin (Adventure ends) or move on to the Vault (next Room)

Room 4Edit

  • Vault (chests, some locked, some unlocked)
  • Enemies: now appearing back in Room 3: Lieutenant Gadain , 2x Officers ( 1x Cleric , 1x Rogue )
  • Loot Lieutenant Gadain (Adventure ends)




Lieutenant Gadain



Vault followed by Lieutenant Gadain:



Vault followed by Lieutenant Gadain:

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