Branded Zealot Rogue
  • Battle Focus:
    • Buff, + to attack
  • Walking Wounded
    • Melee, normal damage
    • Knocks prone
    • Slows
  • Dagger
    • Melee, normal damage


  • Level 6 Stats:
    • AC: 18
    • REF: 18
    • FORT: 15
    • WILL: 14
    • HP: 35

Encounter AreasEdit


Branded zealots make up the bulk of the initiated Ashmadai. They are unyielding in their drive to serve Asmodeus, drawing power from the soul-deep brands that mark their nefarious covenants. A typical branded zealot has little patience and a vicious temper, making the cultist easy to goad into a fight.

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