Feeding Frenzy is a level 6 dungeon located in the Neverwinter Wood area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

BOUNTY! It has come to the attention of Mayor Soman Galt that a nest of giant spiders has become extremely aggressive and is actively hunting any who venture into the northern Neverwinter Wood. Exterminate the menace and return to Mayor Galt for reward


Room LayoutEdit


Map of Feeding Frenzy

Room 1 (Northern Neverwinter Wood)Edit

  • Enemies: 3x Frenzied Spiders
  • They will not attack if you don't move from the entry ... kill them at your leisure with ranged attacks.

Room 2 (Dense Woods)Edit

  • Empty Room

Room 3 (Strange Obelisk)Edit

Room 4 (A Red Wizard of Thay!)Edit

Room 5 (Plaguechanged Spider)Edit

Loot (2 loot items)Edit



2 item drops among:


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