Goblin Warrior
  • Warrior's Mace
    • Melee, normal damage
  • Bloodied Rage
    • Melee, normal damage
    • Activated on bloodied


  • Level 1 Stats:
    • AC: 14
    • REF: 12
    • FORT: 10
    • WILL: 9
    • HP: 25
  • Level 5 Stats:
    • AC: 18
    • REF: 16
    • FORT: 14
    • WILL: 13
    • HP: 41

Encounter AreasEdit


Goblin warriors would rather fight at range, using great position to deal more damage with ranged weapons. In melee combat, they use goblin tactics to maneuver into flanking positions. Once bloodied (or once they’ve seen several of their comrades cut down), warriors tend to flee and leave allies to fend for themselves.

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