Goblins in the Woods is a level 2 dungeon located in the Goblin Forest area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

NOTICE! Anyone who would travel east of Helm's Hold should be advised of recent goblin activity in the southern Neverwinter Wood. A strong goblin presence is suspected throughout the southern forest, perhaps extending as far as Conyberry. Any who would seek to drive back the goblinkin do so with the full support and encouragement of the Prophet Rohini and, verily, all of Helm's Hold! (Note: This support does not extend to material remuneration of any kind).


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit

Goblins in the woods map

Goblins in the Woods Map

Room 1Edit

  • Empty

Room 2Edit

Room 3Edit

Room 4Edit



  • Basic loot (gold & consumables)


  • Basic loot (gold & consumables)


  • Basic loot (gold & consumables)

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