Green and Mean is a level 2 dungeon located in the Goblin Forest area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Having made a successful incursion into Goblin territory, you have been marked by a goblin hexer as a goblin foe. Whenever you enter the Neverwinter Wood, they will sense your presence. Here is a chance to strike a decisive blow against these villains! Journey into the forest and draw out the goblin overlord. The hexer mentioned one goblin by name: "Gtanuk." Defeat this foe and cripple the goblins' ability to continue their deadly ambushes.


  • 25 Gold

Room LayoutEdit

Map of Green and Mean

Map of Green and Mean

Room 1 (Draw Out the Goblin Forces)Edit

  • Empty

Room 2Edit

Room 3 (Crossroads)Edit

Room 4Edit

Loot (2 loot items)Edit


Locked Chest (Room 2)

Final Chest (Room 4)



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