Ogre Warhulk
  • Axe Hurricane
    • Melee, hit multiple enemies
    • Knocks prone
  • Giant Battleaxe
    • Melee, normal damage
    • Knocks prone


  • Level 13 Stats:
    • AC: 19
    • REF: 15
    • FORT: 20
    • WILL: 15
    • HP: 208

  • Level 15 Stats:
    • AC: 21
    • REF: 17
    • FORT: 22
    • WILL: 17
    • HP: 216

Boss - Stun Immune

Encounter AreasEdit


A warhulk often dominates an ogre band—not because it possesses any glimmer of wit or leadership, but because it can thrash any other ogre who doesn’t do what it wants. It rushes forward to attack the most powerful-looking foe, using axe hurricane when it has at least two targets in reach.

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