• Plaguechanged Spider
    Poisonous Blade Strike
    • Melee, poison damage
    • Mass damage, poison
    • Ongoing damage, poison
  • Poisonous Blade Claw
    • Melee, poison damage
    • Ongoing damage, poison
    • Slows


  • Resistance to fire,cold,lightning
  • Level 12 Stats:
    • AC: 13
    • REF: 13
    • FORT: 14
    • WILL: 11
    • HP: 108

  • Level 14 Stats:
    • AC: 15
    • REF: 15
    • FORT: 16
    • WILL: 13
    • HP: 116

Encounter AreasEdit


A massive change in body and mind marks a creature that has survived contact with the original wave of the Spellplague. Such survivors are called the plaguechanged. Few of their descendants survive—the initial plague was so virulent, and the changes wrought were so extreme. Plaguechanged creatures are monsters, whatever their original race, driven insane by their dreadful metamorphosis. Even the least of them display potent abilities.

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