Return to Neverdeath is a level 2 dungeon located in the Neverwinter area.


  • 20 Energy
  • Level 2

Adventure DescriptionEdit

Rika, a local woman, seeks the aid of adventurers willing to brave the catacombs beneath Neverdeath in search of her missing husband. The man, eager to improve their meager station in life, had recently thrown in with a mysterious wizard who claimed that helping him would lead to untold riches. Rika admits that her husband has been frequently visiting a specific crypt, but she has not heard from him in several days. She will show the entrance to any adventurers willing to help.


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit


Map of Return to Neverdeath

Room 1 (Return to Neverdeath)Edit

  • Empty

Room 2 (A Filthy Passage)Edit

Room 3 (More Skeletons)Edit

Room 4 (Skeletal Guards)Edit

Room 5 (Peculiar Room)Edit

Room 6 (Necromancer's Laboratory)Edit



Room 4
Room 6 (Final Chest)


Room 4
Room 6


Room 4
Room 6

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