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Rogues use offhand items to boost their abilities. Options available include bonuses to perception, thievery, ongoing damage of varying damage types, as well as some more specific abilities. The ongoing damage effects are applied to all attacks, including basic ranged.

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Rogue Implements TableEdit

The table below allows you to sort by item name, level or bonuses. Please take note that similar bonuses have been placed in the same column (thievery bonuses are in the "Def Bonus 1" column, perception bonuses are in "Def Bonus 2" column, etc).

For information on prices and known locations, consult the item's page.


  • (*) = Unique Item
  • HP = Hit Points
Item Name Level Def Bonus 1 Def Bonus 2 Off Bonus 1 Off Bonus 2
Dashing Rogue's Glove (*) 10 thievery +3 max HP +2 Attack Bonus +2 damage with "at will" powers +2
Burglar's Glove (*) 10 thievery +3 bonus to all defenses vs traps +2
Tattered Glove (*) 10 thievery +1 perception +1
Vial of Perpetual Poison (*) 3 ongoing poison +1
Masterwork Observing Glass 10 perception +5
Rogue's Gloves 10 thievery +5
Vial of Deathly Ichor 10 ongoing necrotic +3
Vial of Assassin's Oil 10 critical range vs stunned/dazed targets with light blades +1
Assassin's Gloves 10 Attack Bonus +3 (when flanking)
Vial of Illithid Mucous 9 ongoing psychic +3
Observation Kit 9 thievery +2 perception +3
Gloves of the Perfect Shot 8 damage to basic ranged attacks +4
Gloves of Recovery 8 thievery +2 saving throws +2
Essence of Darkness 8 resist radiant +3 ongoing necrotic +2
Gloves of the Targeting Shot 7 damage to basic ranged attacks +3
Unguent of Psychosis 7 ongoing psychic +2
Skeleton Key 6 thievery +2
Trap Sense Gloves 6 thievery +1 bonus to all defenses vs traps +2
Surgeon's Tools 5 thievery +1 healing received +2
Vial of Treant Sap 5 max HP +3
Observing Glass 4 thievery +1 perception +2
Gloves of the Aimed Shot 4 damage to basic ranged attacks +2
Gloves of Stability 3 thievery +1 saving throws +1
Cutthroat Gloves 2 Attack Bonus +1 (when flanking)
Trapsmith's Kit 2 thievery +1
Gloves of Perception 1 perception +1

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