Spellscarred Human
  • Blue-flames Slash
    • Melee, necrotic damage
  • Venomous Bloodfang
    • Melee, necrotic & normal damage
    • Heal self (vampiric regeneration)


  • Level 10 Stats:
    • AC: 22
    • REF: 21
    • FORT: 21
    • WILL: 24
    • HP: 80

  • Level 14 Stats:
    • AC: 26
    • REF: 25
    • FORT: 25
    • WILL: 28
    • HP: 96

Encounter AreasEdit


When the changes the Spellplague induce in a creature lie under the skin, concealed by a facade of normalcy, that creature is called spellscarred. Although many folk see spellscars as marks of abomination, dooming those who have them to exile, others have learned to master the abilities granted by their spellscars.

Any creature can be spellscarred. Exposure to the Spellplague in any form can cause the condition, and some individuals become spellscarred without ever going near a dangerous land or creature.

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