The Old Owl Well is a level 5 dungeon located in the Sword Mountains area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Having reached the bottom of Ash Ridge, you approach the orc encampment that surrounds and defends Old Owl Well. This Adventure continues at the point that part 2 (Ash Ridge) left off.


Old owl well map

The Old Owl Well Map

Room LayoutEdit

Room 1Edit

Room 2Edit

Room 3Edit

Room 4Edit

  • Door to room is locked.
  • Enemies: 1x Ogre Bodyguard, 1x Orc Attendant, 1x Orc Cook, 1x Eye of Gruumsh.
  • Treasure: 1x corpse (lootable at completion of encounter, with basic loot.)

Room 5Edit

Loot (2 loot items)Edit




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