The Path of the Chosen is a level 10 dungeon located in The Crags area.

Adventures > The Crags > The Path of the Chosen


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Having located Tarmikos and gained some insight into the cult, it is obvious that you must follow "The Path of the Chosen" and confront "the master" .


  • 175 GP

Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit

Map of The Path of the Chosen

Map of The Path of the Chosen

Room 1 (The Plunge!)Edit

Room 2 (A Motley Crew)Edit

Room 3 (More Charmed Beings)Edit

Room 4 (Spider Nest)Edit

  • 3x Blade Spider
  • 1x Chest (locked, refer to loot section below)

Room 5 (the Master's Cavern)Edit

  • 1x Beholder Eye of Flame
  • 1x Chest (golden & unlocked, refer to loot section below)
  • Looting the chest ends the adventure.



Room 4Edit

Room 5Edit


Room 4Edit

Room 5Edit


Room 4Edit

Room 5Edit

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