The Ruins of Illefarn is a level 6 dungeon located in the Ruins of Illefarn area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

RUMOR: An old riverman who still risks traveling upstream into the forest claims to have seen strange lights within an old elven ruin deep in the heart of the Neverwinter Wood. Tales of the lost ruins of Illefarn are popular fodder for treasure-seekers throughout the north. For the price of a few tankards of ale, you might convince the old man to take you to the place he saw....


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit


Map of The Ruins of Illefarn

Room 1Edit

Room 2Edit

Room 3 (Locked)Edit

Room 4Edit



  • Normal Loot


  • Normal Loot


  • Normal Loot

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