Wated: Wyrmpriests is a level 1 dungeon located in the Neverwinter Wood area.


  • 10 Energy
  • 1x Hero's Commendation
  • Completed Neverdeath

Adventure DescriptionEdit

WANTED: capable adventurers to hunt the Neverwinter Wood along the Coast Road for kobold raiders. These feculent vermin, led by their malevolent wyrmpriests, are responsible for the murder, disappearance, or otherwise untoward end of scouting parties bound for Port Llast to the north. A bounty is hereby offered for each kobold wyrmpriest slain. Speed and urgency are essential! Adventurers are instructed to bring a trophy of their victory to Captain Shaw upon return to receive payment.


  • 15 Gold

Room LayoutEdit

Map of Wanted- Wyrmpriests

Map of Wanted: Wyrmpriests

Room 1 (Neverwinter Wood)Edit

Room 2 (Kobold Camp)Edit

Room 3 (Side Room)Edit

Room 4 (Ritual Chanting)Edit

  • 1x Stake Trap (Level 3)

Room 5 (A Wyrmpriest!)Edit





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