What the Dwarves Found... is a PREMIUM level 2 dungeon located in the Goblin Forest area.


  • PREMIUM: Unlock for 25 Astral Diamonds (for ALL characters on your Facebook account)
  • 15 Energy
  • Level 2

Adventure DescriptionEdit

As old and solemn-faced dwarf approaches you. "I am Torrin Thozak, heir of Delzoun, and here is my proof". The dwarf shows you an ancient map."A family heirloom. It shows a secret passage to least I think it does. That's where you come in. I need you to verify this map and with it, my ancestral claim. Do so and you will be well rewarded."


  • 50 Gold

Room LayoutEdit


Map of What the Dwarves Found...

Room 1 (A Passage to Gauntylgrym)Edit

Room 2 (A Narrow Passage)Edit

Room 3 (Dwarf Camp)Edit

Room 4 (Unstable Passage)Edit

Passage to this room is blocked by stones in Room 3. Need a teleportable character to enter. Cannot reenter previous rooms once you are here.

Room 5 (An Ancient Forge)Edit

  • 4x Stone Guardian (Courage, Vigor, Agility, Ferocity)
  • 1x Chest (unlocked, with item loot, refer to "Loot" section below)
    • Looting the chest ends the adventure!

Room 6 (Drow!)Edit

Room 7 (Gauntlgrym!)Edit


Heroic (5 loot items)Edit



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